#6 K.M. Weiland, Neil Gaiman, JK Rowling - the Magic Power of Setups-&-Payoffs

Jackson is talking (0:00) Crutching with Coffee (8:35) Goodbyes to family and orange sunsets (10:40) Protecting your golden hour of art (15:20) Trying to take a big world building project and zoom into the specifics (17:10) How JK Rowling used Harry to introduce us to the wizarding world (20:50) Shawn Coyne and Tim Grahl and documenting the process (24:25) K.M. Weiland on Setups and Payoffs and Foreshadowing (30:00) 1st impressions of Neil Gaiman and American Gods (33:33) the Ending is always hidden in the Beginning (35:20) Workshopping the first Tomorrow City story - details of the current project.

#5 Special Guest - Garrison Tandy!

(0:00) My brother Garrison joins the show for a very special episode! We talk (3:55) Finding your tribe on the internet (10:45) The "lost podcast" conundrum and the loss of time (12:42) My deep down ego-driven reasons for creating things - AKA, the pursuit of immortality (24:37) Game of Thrones talk, Stannis and Melisandre (31:25) Garrison's gateway drug: Harry Potter (33:45) The amazing Lyra and her Golden Compass, and finally (44:40) Garrison gives me an idea for my next novel. Enjoy!

#4 Craig Johnson's Longmire Series, World Building, and Finding Your Voice

Jackson talks about (2:07) Murder mysteries and the promise of a dead body(10:50) a unique structuring of the first - and most important - chapter (20:22) How Craig Johnson wrote an all-star supporting cast of characters (28:55) Creating a fictional world that mirrors your own world + Ideas for my new series, "Tomorrow City" (43:17) Finding your unique voice as a writer, going from imitator to unique creator.

#3 A Failure Story (part 3)

Jackson talks about (0:00) Lessons learned from Game of Thrones: power scenes and lovable characters (19:54) Answering the Hero's call to adventure (25:26) Personal Update -> bum leg, bum mind (35:35) Resuming the Failure Story: Novel #2 Jamie Rhae Daemon Hunter (40:00) Discovering your own writing process (47:30) Scribophile (50:00) Writing all alone in a cave (1:00:30) No more excuses, time to move forward.

#2 A Failure Story (Part 2)

Jackson talks about (0:05) how his writing dreams started, (10:05) meditations on the good and the bad of sharing your failures, (16:45) attempting to write an Epic Fantasy Trilogy, (20:58) hiring a professional editor for the first time, and finally (30:15) the terrible choice: At what point do you just give up on a novel?

#1 A Failure Story (Part 1)

Jackson reads from Kerouac's "On the Road" (2:40), talks about his reasons for starting a podcast (7:22), the story of his first Kindle (15:47), thoughts about Stephen King's "On Writing" (18:20), the Hugh Howey self-publishing story (22:30), writing advice from Ray Bradbury (35:05), Nanowrimo and bad first novels (38:40), and the danger of setting goals and making yourself vulnerable (41:35).