Jackson Tandy lives in Incheon, South Korea. He is an author and the host of the “Head Trip” Podcast, as well as the co-host of “The Migooks” podcast.

Read and Write Today: Tuesday, April 21st

Writing advice is all good and well, but in the end it comes down to “what did you read and write today?” It’s like those businessmen who say “Ideas are a dime a dozen. All that matters is the execution.” I happen to think ideas are incredibly valuable, but I also agree that they’re worthless until somebody takes an action.

We all need Dreams AND Goals. The two go hand in hand. Whenever you’re finished dreaming a dream (“To become a world class harmonica solo-ist”) then immediately the next question should be: “What can I do about it TODAY?”

A podcaster that I listen to, James Altucher, says that the greatest indicator of success in the future is whatever you’re doing today. Did you have a successful day? Were you healthy today? Did you take steps in the right direction?

When I was young I used to lift weights in the gym. My biggest pet peeve was guys who would say, “Oh yeah I used to be able to lift _______.” Or “Oh that’s nothing, I have a friend who can _______.”

And people don’t just use this time traveling trick in the gym, they use it everywhere: “When I was young I ______.” “Once I have more time then I’ll _______.”

Yesterday and Tomorrow are dead. It’s a little bit sad but we’ve always known it was the case. If I’m healthy today, then there’s a good chance I’ll be healthy tomorrow too - that’s the best I can wish for.

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