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The Casey Niestat Creation Hierarchy: Friday, July 3rd

I believe in the gospel of "make stuff." Every human soul is like a character in a video game. We have the potential to be wimpy, selfish versions of ourselves. OR we can become a stronger, super version of ourselves. We can be baby Mario, Super Duper Mario, or somewhere along the spectrum in between. I believe that creativity is a legitimate measure of the well-being of our souls. Here's why:

  • It's impossible to create in an artistic arena that doesn't inspire you
  • Therefore, creativity always comes straight from your core, is always pure
  • Therefore, creativity makes you more like yourself
  • Therefore, your life is less dominated by fear and more propelled by joy. (In the sports world they say, "he's playing to win, instead of playing not to lose")
  • Creation, like Joy and Happiness, is contagious. So by creating and becoming more like yourself, you naturally make the world a better place. A single flame can light a thousand candles.


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I'm a huge fan of Casey Niestat's Vlogs. My wife and I watch them every morning while we eat breakfast.

Casey also believes in the gospel of make stuff.

What I find interesting about this hierarchy is that it moves along an axis from selfishness to selflessness (from few --> many).

  1. In the beginning you make stuff for your own enjoyment
  2. In the second tier you start to bring happiness to others
  3. And in the third tier, you're now bestowing the gift of creation itself

Also known as,

  1. You're a fisherman
  2. Others see you and are inspired to fish too
  3. You give them the lightest strongest lures, teach them the knots, show them the spots. And now they can feed themselves.

Casey's Hierarchy ideas have got me running wild through a jungle of spinoff analogies:

First and foremost it reminds me of Joseph Campbell's hero journey. How the hero always moves from selfish intentions to the point where he would sacrifice his own well-being for the greater good that he believes in.

Next, I always liked the idea that, if God created the world, then the best way for his people to become "like god", would be for them to become creators themselves.

Finally, it makes me think of Stephen King, who has passed through all of three of those tiers. He wrote. Then he wrote really good stuff. Then he wrote "On Writing", the ultimate book about the writing process. So that now King has inspired a whole generation of writers in his wake.


Whew. That's all for now.

Happy Weekend everyone. And don't forget to Make More Stuff!

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