Jackson Tandy lives in Incheon, South Korea. He is an author and the host of the “Head Trip” Podcast, as well as the co-host of “The Migooks” podcast.

Rage Quit: Tuesday, July 14th

It's easy to assume that the reality you are existing in is the only reality available. There's a hilarious phrase I just found out about. It's called "rage quitting". You can YouTube it. You'll find videos of people going insane over games, screaming, cursing, throwing game controllers, smashing keyboards, and upending the poker table and storming off in a fury. This is called rage quitting. And it's pretty funny to watch as long as nobody gets hurt.

So what's the source of humor - why is rage quitting so funny? Obviously it's not funny to the one who's quitting. It's funny to the onlookers because we realize that "hey, it's just a game."

Now I don't think our "real lives" (our jobs, routines, friendships) are just a silly game that we can quit anytime we want. But I do think that a lot of our suffering comes from getting sucked too deep into the monopoly game of life. We forget that there are other realities. We let our failures carry too much weight. We pretend that our successes are more valuable than they really are.

When you climb to the top of a mountain and look back down on the world, it's hard to imagine that your "troubles" ever troubled you. That's why traveling is so important. Traveling gives you some perspective. It takes you out of the game you're playing, let's you look a little more objectively at the situation.

I've playing a mental game when I'm on my way to work and I catch myself being negative. Or when I'm feeling like tomorrow won't be any better than today.  I like to imagine that it's the first day of a month long vacation. How would I feel? And as I think about it, I start to really feel that way, to look around and enjoy things more.

It's hard to step outside of your current situation and realize that you have a choice. But that's the weird and powerful thing about humans that makes us different from other animals. We are capable of being sad on a sunny day or happy during a hurricane. (I think I got that idea from the author Walker Percy). It's our special power. And we can use it to our advantage.

Its up to you which frequency you want to tune into. Some people say the world's doomed - and they're absolutely right. Some people say there's hope and beauty around every corner - and they're right too. Both are true. The question is only, "which party are you going to?"

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