#7 Pros and Cons of Working Overseas in Australia, with Special Guest - Garrison Tandy!

(0:00) Welcome to our special guest host, Garrison Tandy! (3:40) Tales from a Korean Hospital (8:05) Garrison tagging in for April (12:40) Garrison talks Farm Work, Zuccinis and Potatoes in Bundaberg (17:50) The Wine Industry and Working Holiday Visas in Australia (20:30) Jackson tells the story of how he and April ended up in Northern Australia (28:25) Garrison's Best and Worst day in Melbourne (35:00) Pensions, Supers, Retirement Funds, Making money overseas. (39:00) Jackson gives a special thank you to our Patreon Subscribers!

#6 Rapid-fire Q&A, Injury Updates, and Re-designing Your Life

April and Jackson talk about (03:00) Update on last week's unfortunate events (06:00) Book Recommendations? What were your favorite college classes? (16:00) Do you think you'll ever move back to the states? (18:50) Taxes for Expats? (22:25) Update on Jackson's Injury (25:00) Health Care - is it expensive? (34:00) How has moving/living in Korea changed you? (37:00) How travel can help you re-design your new life (48:15) Getting rides from strangers (57:00)

#4 Expat Loneliness, Banking Overseas, and DIY Home Improvement Misadventures

Jackson and April talk about (1:54) Shopping for lumber and the difficulties of DIY'ing in the city (16:40) April's ideas for her design business and changes to her youtube channel (22:10) Air Pollution in Asia and the new "Smart Air" filters (29:30) Microblading update (32:00) Listener Q: Do you guys ever get lonely? (39:50) Game of Thrones final episode (45:00) Listener Q: How do you handle your finances while living overseas? (56:12) Listener Q: How many pounds of rice have you eaten in the last 5 years? 

#3 Naked, Afraid, and Misunderstood

April and Jackson talk about (00:50) Summer Weather vs. Jackson (6:29) Should we run ads on the podcast? (11:40) Is our English getting worse? (14:00) April's new apartment tours (23:00) Japan and Pokemon Go (24:50) Listener Question: Do you guys speak Korean? (31:30) Listener Question: How hard is it to live there? (35:38) The sauna failure story (45:30) random stories of misunderstandings and accidents, and finally (48:50) plastic surgery and April going Micro-blading!

#2 Baby Pink Staple Gun

April and Jackson talk about (0:35) friends with kids, (6:08) how to pronounce "Migooks," (9:15) Game of Thrones Predictions, Warning - Season 8 Spoilers! (20:00) IKEA horror stories, (26:30) April turning Vegan again, (33:24) listener question: Why did you move to Korea? (42:30) fulfilling jobs vs. draining jobs, and finally, (50:32) Babies...?

#1 Cue the Jingle

April and Jackson talk about (1:10) their motivations for starting a podcast, (6:54) Jackson's writing, (9:35) April making changes to her youtube channel, (24:25) advice for people who want to move overseas, (31:35) and their future plans for life in South Korea.